Free pattern: the mini easy sock

I translated my original pattern in french for my US friends. Click to download the PDF version: My mini easy sock US version April 2019.

This is a free pattern by, translated from the original French version published on April 2019.

I originally designed this pattern for a friend, beginner in crochet, willing to offer cute baby socks to her pregnant sister. For her I created this very easy and efficient way to obtain nice looking mini-socks. Its particularity is its heel, crocheted in the round, with only 2 rows.

explication faire chaussette crochet facile gratuit modèle

This pattern is adapted to crochet a small decorative ornament, about 6,5 cm long (2.5 inch). Please note that it’s too small for a newborn baby, this is a nice hanging ornament for a baby bedroom or any decorative purpose. Use a bigger yarn to increase its size, a thinner one for a miniature doll sock.

You will need:

  • 5 mm hook (US H), 4,5 mm hook (optional)
  • Sport (n°4) yarn: about 10 grams per sock, 2 colors. I used the ‘Phil Partner 3,5’ by Phildar, 25% wool / 75% acrylic. Any similar yarn would work.
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
  • 1 stitch marker (optional)


  • Single crochet (SC)
  • Slip stich (SlSt)
  • INC (increase: make 2 SC in the same stitch)
  • DEC (decrease: make 1 SC over 2 stitches from previous round)
  • Changing color
  • Crocheting in the round
  • Magic Ring (MR): optional


7 stitches and 8 rows = 5 cm / 2 in

Please read before starting:

  • Don’t crochet tight. We use a bigger hook than the yarn recommends anyway.
  • First color (toes, heel and top) is called ‘yarn A’. Second color is called ‘yarn B’.
  • Every round starts with a chain, which DOES NOT count as a first stitch. First SC must be crocheted directly to the bottom-left of the chain (for the right-handed).
  • Every round ends with a slip-stich in the first SC of same round.
  • Don’t turn work between each round.
  • Pattern is written in US crochet terms.
  • Please pardon and share any spelling error 😊

 Let’s start!

With yarn A:

Chain 2 (or magic ring).

Round 1:

Make 6 SC in the 2nd chain from the hook (or 6 SC in MR). Slip stitch in first SC.

Round 2:

6 INC (12 SC). SlSt.

Round 3 : 12 SC. SlSt. Fasten off.

Change to yarn B.

Keep doing 12 SC rounds until desired length. I did 6 rows for this pattern. Add rounds for a longer sock.

Round 10: Make 3 SC, 1 INC, 3 SC, CH 5, Slip stich in first SC (shown with a yellow marker). We created the heel opening.

Round 11: 8 SC, 5 SC in the chain 5 space. Slip stitch in first SC.

Rounds 12-16: keep doing 13 SC. Fasten off. Do more rounds to obtain a higher sock.

Change to YARN A.

Insert hook from the inside out! (as shown on next picture). This part will indeed be turned over, so this way your stitches will all be visible from their right side.

With yarn A, do 6 rounds of 13 SC. Fasten off.


Insert Yarn A as shown on next picture (in the middle, toe-side, and from outside in).

Round 1 :

Do 14 SC evenly all around.

Round 2:

You will make 4 DEC: 2 DEC each side, one before and one after the corner). (total=10 SC)

Cut yarn, fasten off, keeping about 20 cm long (8 inches).

With the yarn needle, pass under all 10 stitches (under the outside strand only), see picture (showing only 6 out of 10, you keep going all around.)

Gently draw on yarn to close off. Keep doing some stitches to secure the yarn and cut.

Weave in any yarn ends.

Thank you for following this free pattern by

tuto chaussettes crochet facile gratuit

You may create as much socks as you want, give them, sell them. You may not copy and/or redistribute this pattern whether for free or with a fee. This is a free pattern and will stay free. 


Please share your projects on Ravelry! I’ll be so glad to see your work 😉

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