Easy crochet border pattern, great alternative to fringes or tassels

I love fringes as finishing touches on crochet projects, but I dislike working them: what a time-consuming and non-interesting thing! I’m sure you know the feeling. I also like tassels and cute pompoms but I don’t enjoy at all the process of making them and sewing them on.

What I deeply love is crocheting, so I made this crochet border which is easy, looks great, does not eat a lot of yarn, and is still… well crochet 🙂 It is a nice border for any shawl, blanket, throw, decorative cushion cover…

What’s interesting is that you can customize it to meet your liking: augment or diminish the number of chain stitches, single crochet them wider apart…You also may do several rows of it! It somehow looks like macramé. If you don’t look too closely 😀

Let’s go:

This is written in US crochet terminology.

Insert yarn where you want to start and draw up a loop, or start with a standing single crochet.

Chain 6 + 3 (or any number of chain + 3). 

In 3rd chain from the hook : * yarn over, insert hook, draw up a loop, yarn over, draw through 2 loops * 3 times, yarn over, draw through the 4 loops on the hook. Then slip stitch tightly, inserting the hook in the same chain : you obtain a tiny, cute ball. It is in fact a bobble stitch, only you slip stitch in the base of it. 

Chain 6.

SKip 4 stitches, single crochet in next stitch.

Keep going this way all around.


Work the bobble in 3rd chain from hook
Yarn over, pull through these 4 loops.
Slip stitch in the base of the bobble
Chain 6, then skip 4 stitches and single crochet in next stitch.
Continue all the way, and slip stitch or single crochet where you first inserting yarn at the beginning of row. 

> If you decide to make a longer chain, say 10 : you will chain 10 + 3 = 13, work the bobble in 3rd chain from hook, then chain 10, skip 8 stitches and SC in next stitch.

> If you decide to do a second row, you will single crochet in the chain where you worked the slip stitch in the previous row.

2nd row in the making


Please show me the result if you give it a try! 😀

Happy crochet to you all ❤


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