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Just finished: this oh so cute crochet clutch for my little one 🙂 Lately I’ve seen crochet strawberries quite a lot on social medias. But I’ve seldom seen them on a real, finished object. So this is what I made…

I’ve tested several methods for the strawberry stitch, overall I found them being complicated or uselessly complex. I simplified it all, as explained further down. Note that the stawberry stitch I show here is not reversible, it has to be shown on the right side only.

This is an intermediate level project: not overly difficult but requires some crochet experience.

You will need:

  • Yarn obviously, 3 colors 😉 Cotton, viscose, or linen, any will work. Approx 60 grams of beige yarn, and about 15 grams of each green and red/pink yarn.
  • 3mm hook, or use a bigger size if you usually crochet tightly, since it’s quite difficult to slip stitch in tight stitches.
  • Scissors, yarn needle
  • Key ring is optional, you may join the big strawberry with a chain or any other way you like.
  • Zipper or any other method you like to close the bag.

Clutch bag tutorial:

In cream yarn, chain a multiple of 4 + 3. For example, chain 55 (4×13 + 3).

Row 1 : single crochet all along.

Row 2 and following: slip stitch in front loop only.

This my article on the slip stitch for any further information.

crochet slip stitch fabric

When you reach desired height (I did 9 cm / 3.5 inches), fasten off beige.

Change to red yarn, make 1 row of slip stitch in the front loop only. Fasten off.

Change to green yarn, make 1 row of single crochet in the front loop only. Don’t fasten off.

How to do the strawberry row:

In green: Chain 3 (counts as first double crochet), make 2 DCs.

In red:

Important, read beforehand: to make the first strawberry, start with a standing DC in red yarn. Click here for a full tutorial on the standing DC  on the Moogly Blog. (external link. please come back after 😀 )

For all other strawberries, yarn over twice to make the first DC, the other 4 DCs are normal.

In any case, you will keep a green loop unworked on your hook.

Make 5 DC in next stitch. With green yarn, yarn over and pull through the 2 loops on your hook (one red, one green). You’ve just made a red bobble.

apprendre point fraise au crochet
5 DC are done. With green yarn, yarn over and pull through both loops.

With green yarn: insert hook between each red DCs, in the vertical slits (see 4 pictures below)

insert hook here, yarn over, draw up a loop.

Do a total of 4 single crochet together.

Tighten both green and red yarn.

With green, DC in the next 3 stitches. (beware: the first one may be hidden by the strawberry).

Dc in green here.

Keep going until end of row : one strawberry, 3 green DCs…

Wrong side:

As you can see, I just let my unworked yarn run behind, I don’t hide it in the stitches, since I will line the clutch, that won’t be visible. That way, I don’t even have to handle holding 2 strands at a time. 


Do one row of green slip stitches.

One row of red slip stitches in the front loop only.

One row of beige HDC.

One row of beige shells.

Shells: SC in the first stitch of the row. * Skip 3. Make 6 DCs in next stitch. Skip 3 stitches, make one SC in next stitch. * Repeat until the end of row. To adjust the shells to the width of the clutch, I had to cheat a little bit: I skipped only 2 stitches twice, it doesn’t show. 

First panel is done, make another identical one.

Hide every yarn ends.

To join the 2 panels together, I made a 4 cm wide strip (1.5 inch) in tunisian crochet simple stitch. Click here to learn the tunisian crochet simple stitch on Red Heart (external link). It’s so simple it took me about 5 minutes to get started. You won’t need a new hook, any regular hook will work as long as it’s a simple one and not an ergonomic one.

>>> You may replace this tunisian crochet part by a regular single crochet strip. 

Then I sewed every part together on the wrong side, with a yarn needle.


Finishing touches:

I made this strawberry amigurumi (free pattern on Ravelry), attached to a key ring.

The clutch closes with a zipper (hand sewn). Use any method you like (buttons, snaps…). I’m not enough of a DIY person to be of any help there ! 😀

Yarns I used:

Beige : Organic cotton, Ecocoton Phildar

Green : Coton 3 Phildar, « roseau »

Red/pink: Woll Butt Primo Leana


To conclude:

I hope you had no difficulty following this tutorial. I do my best to write tutorials and blog posts in English, which is not my native language. If you spot any mistakes, please tell my in the comments below, I’ll be grateful to improve what I have to share with other crochet addicts 😀

Please don't copy or redistribute this pattern as you own in any case.

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