Little round bag made from upcycled cotton fabric #pattern #free

Round crochet bags are everywhere! Here is how to make your own, but with a bonus twist: upcycling!

This is my interpretation of the little round crochet bag. To make it, I didn’t buy anything new: I only reused older materials. #nowaste

It is made with fabric strips I cut in man’s shirts.


  • 9 mm hook (US N hook).
  • 3 adult size shirts, if you want a similar style. But any coton fabric would work. The fabrics I used here are non stretch, simply 100% cotton.  The strips are 3/4 of an inch wide, no more. With the strips, make a 250 gr ball (8.8 oz).
  • Cotton thread in a complementary color. I used this dark yellow color because it looks like the thread that is often used in jeans seams.
  • Yarn needle, scissors.
  • A shoulder strap you took from an older bag, or any straps you like for this project. You may also crochet the strap or braid it in long fabric strips, or use round bamboo handles… Or use a belt, attach with key rings. Anything you like really (you can find in a charity shop).
  • 4 stitch markers.

>>> Click here to read my fabric strip yarn tutorial.


  • SC : single crochet
  • SL ST : slip stitch
  • MR : magic ring

Difficulty level:

Intermediate, or advanced beginners. Though the stitches and construction are quite basic, working this special yarn requires some experience.

Principle: simply make 2 circles using single crochets!

Holding the fabric yarn and the cotton thread at the same time, make a magic ring and chain 1.

Round 1 : 8 SC in the MR. Tighten the MR, make a slip stitch in the first SC. Chain 1.

This is row 1.

Round 2 : 8 increases: in each previous row SC, make 2 SC. total: 16 SC.

Close every round with a slip stitch in the first SC and Chain 1. Don’t turn the work.

Round 3 : Repeat * 1 SC, 1 INC * (Total = 24 SC)

Round 4 : Repeat * 1 INC, 2 SC *  (Total = 32 SC)

Putting a stitch maker in the first SC of a new row is always a good idea: it indicates where to slip stitch at the end.

Round 5 : Repeat * 2 MS, 1 AUG, 1 MS * (Total = 40 SC)

Round 6 : Repeat * 1 INC, 4 SC * (Total = 48 SC)

Round 7 : Repeat * 3 SC, 1 INC, 2 SC * (Total = 56 SC)

Round 8 : Repeat * 6 SC, 1 INC * (Total = 64 SC)

If you like the size, cut yarn and fasten off. If you find it too small, add another round and do: * 7 SC, 1 INC * all along. I did 8 rounds, obtaining a 9.5 inches diameter. 

Do a second circle.

Weave in the ends with the yarn needle.

My 2 circles were not laying flat, so I ironed them enthusiastically and used generous steam. They liked it 🙂 And finally took a great round shape.


Put both circles on top of one other, wrong side inside.

My red and black stitch markers indicate the bag opening.

Insert stitch markers where you want to place the bag opening. Count how many stitches appart they are and make the pieces identical.

In my bag shown in pictures, the mouth of the bag is 16 stitches wide, about 16 cm (6 1/4 inch.), which works well. 

You will hold the 2 circles together, and never turn the work.

You will insert the hook in the back loop of the front circle, and in the front loop of the back circle.

Start by inserting hook directly left to the left-hand stitch marker. You will crochet around until you meet the right-hand stitch marker.

I used 50 grams of fabric yarn, no yellow thread.


Insert hook from left to right, going through both circles (remember : back loop of front piece, front loop of back piece). Yarn over, pull up a loop, chain 1.

Insert hook from left to right.

In the next stitch you find on the left, do a SC in the back loop of the front piece.

SC here.

In the stitch directly opposite in the back circle, do a slip stitch.

Slip stitch in back circle, front loop only.

Then do one SC in the next stitch of the back piece, and a slip stitch in the opposite stitch of the front piece.

1 SC here
1 slip stitch here (always insert hook from left to right).

Keep crocheting around until the other side of the bag opening : alternate one SC and one slip stitch, changing side when you do the slip stitch.

You will obtain a nice braided slice. Why are we doing this instead of simply slip stitching along? Because this method creates some space between the 2 circles, it gives the bag the volume I wished. I don’t like the look of 2 flat circles stitched together.

Let me rephrase another way this border:  * one SC on circle 1, one SL ST on circle 2, one SC on circle 2, one SL ST on circle 1 * and repeat.

End on a slip stitch and fasten off. Body of the bag is done!

About the strap:

I took this nice metal chain strap on a clutch bag I used once or twice for formal occasions, now the bag zipper is broken. So since the clutch bag was bored in a drawer, I took its strap and directly inserted it under several strands of yarn.

As written in the beginning, any kind of strap taken from an older bag could work. It depends on the style you’re looking for (sporty, bohemian, classy…).

Other ideas:

You may crochet a chain in the same fabric yarn. On the plus side, it allows you to obtain a perfectly fitted strap lenght.

You may also braid with fabric strips. Here I show you one example from my stock, though I’m aware the colors don’t compliment the bag:

Insert 2 key rings on each side of the bag opening. Take 3 strands of fabric (I used a denim one, and 2 t-shirts ones, also called « tarn »), hold firmly together.

Insert in one ring, to a simple knot, very tight. Do the braid. And end with the same kind of know in the other ring.

To obtain the lenght needed for the strap, multiply the strap lenght by 1.5.

Insert key ring.
Make a tight knot.
Braid, and make another knot.



I didn’t feel it was necessary to line this bag. My stuff doesn’t peek though and the bag is sturdy. If you still want to line it, cut 2 circles in cotton fabric, hem each circle. Sew them together right side facing in, leaving room for the bag opening. Hand sew around the opening using the whip stitch.


Many thanks for following this tutorial! If you make you own bags, please share! Either in the comments below, or on the bag Ravelry page.

If you think this page lacks some detail, please say so in the comments. Also, please be aware that I do my own translation from French to English in the evening when kids are finally asleep. If you spot errors of any kind, please share.


Remember, here everything is made with love ❤ Don’t hesitate to share the love ❤


This tutorial is free and will remain free. Don't copy, don't redistribute, neither text nor pictures. You may crochet and sell as many bags as you want. Quoting your pattern source is always nice.

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