Crochet summer belt / headband Hippie style ! Easy and free #pattern

Crocheting these belts was a lot of fun! They look so seventies! In this tutorial you will learn to do the « long double crochet ». It is no more difficult than a regular double crochet, but looks fantastic!

This pattern is available on Ravelry. 

This belt can also be worn as a headband or tied around a summer hat. The belt will look GREAT on any summer dress, tunic, kimonos, and beach wear. You choose if you will wear it high rise (around the waist) or low rise (around the hips): just take your measurments and subtract 10 cm / 4 inches.

The belt is made in my favorite 100% organic cotton yarn. I buy it in France, it is called Phildar Ecocoton.

Other advantages of this pattern :

  • It grows quicky!
  • It requires less that a ball of cotton.
  • Rows are shorts: only 9 and 10 stitches. It makes it easy to count your stitches and make sure there is no possible mistake.
  • Have fun and learn something new!

Difficulty level:


Making a chain, counting stitches, knowing how to do the single crochet, half double-crochet and doucle-crochet (US terminology).


  • 3,5 mm hook (size US « E »)
  • About 25 grams of cotton yarn, 50 meters. (depends on what size you make).
  • Measuring tape, scissors, yarn needle.


  • CH : Chain
  • SC : single crochet
  • long-DC : long double crochet
  • HDC : half double crochet
  • SL ST : slip stitch

in US terminology.


5 cm / 2 inches :

  • 9 stitches wide
  • 4 rows high (one row of long DC, one row of SC, one row of long DC, one row of SC).

How to do a long double crochet:

When starting a new row, you will chain more than the usual 3. In this tutorial we will chain 5.

To practice the stitch, prepare a single crochet row.

Chain 5. Yarn over, insert hook in the second stitch (skip first, the chain 5 counts as first long-DC), draw up a long loop : as long as the chain 5. Yarn over (long), pull through 2 loops, yarn over, pull through 2 loops. Keep going all the row along.

I made a video to demonstrate the tutorial, check it below. 

Return row : in this tutorial, every return row is made in single crochet stitches. But you could also do only long-DC rows. Just not today 😀

Chain 1, turn. This chain 1 does NOT count as your first stitch. Do a single crochet on each long-DC of previous row. Make your last SC in the top of the chain 5.

Next rows:

Always repeat these 2 rows. Finish on a SC row. Practice until you obtain regular rows, same height long-DC. Now you can make your first belt 😀


Hippie belt / heandband tutorial:


Written instructions are to be found just below. Video is just an help.

Chain 15.

Row 1:

In the 7th chain from the hook, do a long DC. Keep working long DCs on every chain. You obtain 9 long DCs.

insert hook in the 7th stitch from the hook.
do your long DCs inserting hook under one strand of yarn.
you obtain 9 long DCs

Row 2 :

Chain 1, turn.

Work 10 SC, one on each long DC from previous row, and the last one on top of the chain-5 from previous row.

Insert hook here to work your first SC.
And insert here hook to do the last one. (in the chain 5)

Row 3:

Chain 5, turn. This chain 5 counts as one long DC.

Work 9 long DCs.

Insert hook here to do the first long DC

Row 4 and following:

Repeat row 2 and 3 until you obtain desired lenght.

  • if belt will be worn around the waist: measure waist circonference and subtract 4 inches (10 cm).
  • if belt will be worn around hips, measure hips circonference and subtract 4 inches (10 cm).

Next step:

Finish previous step on a SC row, NOT a long DC row.

Row 1:

Chain 3. SC in 2nd stitch from previous row. * Chain 3, skip 1 stitch, SC * (repeat 3 times), Chain 1, 1 HDC in last stitch. You obtain 5 small hoops. 

Chain 3, SC here.
chain 3, SC here (second hoop)
Chain 3, SC here (3rd hoop)
Chain 3, SC here
Chain 1, HDC in last stitch. You obtain 5 hoops.

Row 2: Chain 3, turn. SC in next hoop.  * Chain 3, SC in next hoop * (repeat twice),  chain 1, HDC in last hoop. You obtain 4 hoops.

Begining of row 2
HDC here.

Row 3: Chain 3, turn. SC in next hoop. Chain 3, SC in next hoop, chain 1, HDC in last hoop. You obtain 3 hoops.

Row 4: Chain 3, turn. SC in next hoop. chain 1, HDC in last hoop. You obtain 2 hoops.

Row 5: Chain 3, slip stitch in next hoop.

chain 3, slip stitch here.
This is the result.

Cut yarn and fasten off.

Now let’s do the other end of the belt:

Prepare a knot on your hook.

Insert hook under your beginning chain, on the far right, under 2 strands of yarn. Make a SC. Keep doing SC all along, you should obtain 10 SC.

Prepare to work on the other end
Work 10 SC

Now do the same rows 1 to 5 like on the other end.

Belt tie:

Cut 6 strands or yarn 30 cm long / 12 inches long.

Take 3 strands, fold in two to form a loop. Insert this loop in the single standing hoop, uusing your hook. Insert yarn ends through the loop and tighten. Do the same on the other side of the belt.

I like to add 2 wooden beads, but this is completely to your liking.

Here you are!

I like to iron my finished belt (using steam since this is 100% cotton), it looks better.

This pretty belt can adorn any look really, here I am trying it on a black outfit. It looks great! So, as usual with crochet, the only limit is ones imagination! 😀

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I put a lot of work into it, as always.

Please, if you make your own belts, show me the result!

If you encounter any problem during this tutorial, please comment below.

I work in French and then make my own translations to English. Please understand it may lead to some mistakes, don’t hesitate to signal them to me. 

This tutorial is free. It's forbidden to copy any part, neither text nor pictures. You can use this tutorial as many times as you'd like and give or sell the belts you make. Please share if you like the pattern.

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