Stretchy crochet legwarmers, easy, side to side

I’ve wanted to make legwarmers for quite a time! But couldn’t find a pattern satisfying enough for my over-analysing brain. Indeed, most legwarmers are made top to bottom. But, how would I ever obtain a perfect circumference, without at least trying and failing some times ?

And why crochet legwarmer from the top down (or bottom up), when crochet stitches are usually stretchier in the lenght and not the width?


So I had this yarn and thought, let’s crochet legwarmer, but from side to side. What would be a nice, stetch crochet stitch? Answer : the moss stitch ! (or granité stitch).

Read before getting started:

I’m working with a french yarn brand (Phil Randonnées by Phildar) with a 4,5 mm hook (US 7). It’s a tweedy off-white with black inserts, half wool half acrylic.

  • I used 90 grams of yarn (150 meters) for a child-sized pair of legwarmers.
  • The chain 1 at the end of each row DOES NOT COUNT as a stitch in the next row.
  • The ribbing is made with single crochet (SC) in the back loop only (BLO). If you find front loop only (FLO) easier, go for it ! It’s the same, as long as you are consistent.
  • Make the ribbing as wide as you want. Same number of stitches is used for the top and the bottom ribbing.
  • The moss sitch is stretchy enough : keep a nice tension as usual, absolutely no need to crochet looser than usual.

Please read this tutorial once entirely before getting started.

Stitches to know:

In U.S. crochet terms:

Chain (CH)

Single crochet (SC)

Slip stitch (SLST)


The model on the picture is 9 y.o and 1m40 tall.

Starting chain:

Chain an ODD number, until you reach the lenght you want.

For my daughter I measured from her ankle to under her knee and I chained 51. 

NB : this pattern has NOT been tested for over-the-knee legwarmers (thigh-high legwarmers) 


Row 1 :

Starting in the second chain from the hook.

6 SC,

moss stitch : * SC, CH1, skip 1 *

until 6 chains remain: end row with 6 SC.

Chain 1, turn

Row 2 :

6 SC in BLO.

Moss stitch until 6 stitches remain.

Moss stitch alternates each row: on a SC you will make a chain, and on a chain you will make a SC. 

End row with 6 SC in BLO.

Chain 1, turn

Row 3 and following:

Repeat row 2 until you reach the correct circumference. DO NOT fasten off.


The legwarmers from the pictures were made to fit very snuggly because my model has thin ankles. Consequently, as shown on picture below, the moss stitch is stretched when the legwarmers are worn pulled up: the chain spaces show, creating an open looking stitch.

If you want closer stitches, just add a few rows and the spaces won’t show.


Single crochet along the ribbing (one SC for each row), chain 1.

Fold the work in two and slip stitch all along.

Now, single crochet all round the ribbing on the other side (one SC for each row).

Slip stitch in the first SC.

Fasten off, weave in the ends and make another one the same size 😉

Alternatives, modifications:

Single crochet along the ribbing is optional. I do it to bring sturdiness to my work.

Ribbing is 6 stitches wide here, but you may do as many as you want. 6 is great for a child size. For a toddler, try 4 stitches. For an adult, 8 or 9 would work just as well.

With 2 (or more) colors you will obtain vertical stripes.

This pattern also produces GREAT mittens ! Just follow the exact same instructions, but when you slip stitch along, leave a hole for the thumb.

Picture has no hole for the thumb, just wanted to show them as an armwarmer 🙂

This pattern is free for any use. Please just share the link, don’t steal.



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