The Mossy Earwarmer free crochet pattern

This earwarmer is a quick and easy item to crochet, it looks great in natural color tones (but please follow your fancy!).

Here is what you need to know before starting : 

Written in US crochet terms and abbreviations.

Turn your work only when instructions tell you to.

The pattern works on a multiple of 3 +1. You may add or substract 3 stitches at a time to reach desired girth.

This pattern is for an adult woman head average head circonference, it is quite stretchy so it will easily fit most people. The photographed items are 18″ 1/2 long and 3″ 1/2 wide.

To make an older child / young teen earwarmer, use a 5 mm (US H) hook and according yarn, or substract 3 stitches (start with 49). For a yound child, start with 46 stitches.

Click on my pictures to enlarge them.

Supplies : 

For an adult sized earwarmer : 6 mm hook (US J)

50 grams of bulky (#5) yarn (more or less 50 meters / 55 yards).

Yarn needle, scissors.

Stitches to know: 

  • foundation single crochet (FSC)
  • single crochet (SC)
  • half doucle crochet (HDC)
  • double crochet
  • slip stitch (SLST)
  • chain (CH)
  • working in the third loop of HDC

ROW 1 :

Start with 52 foundation single crochet.

My earwarmers are about 18″ 1/2 long. Check that the band can close, once stretch around your head.

Slip stitch in the first FSC, make sure not to twist the chain.

Chain 1, don’t turn.


Half double crochet in each stitch around (52), join first HDC with a slip stitch. (52 HDC)

Chain 1, don’t turn.


Single crochet in the 3rd loop of every stitch from previous row. (tilt your work forward to be able to see and rerach the third loop). Slip stitch in first SC from this row (52 SC in 3rd loop).

Turn the work forward to reach 3rd loop
this is how it looks when round 3 is done


Chain 3, TURN.

2 DC in the stitch standing right at the base of your chain 3,

* Skip 2, in next stitch work : 1 SC, 2 DC *

Repeat instructions between * * until 3 stitches remain : SC in the last stitch.

Slip stitch in the 2nd and 3rd chains of your starting chain of this round.

Chain 3, TURN, make 2 DC in the stitch at the base of chain 3
Skip 2 stitches, work in the third one
keep going, that’s how it should look
single crochet in last stitch
slip stitch in 2nd chain, and 3rd chain.


TURN your work.

Work 2 DC in your last SC from round 4.

* Skip next 2 stitches (both are DC).

In next stitch (that’s a SC), work : 1 SC, 2 DC *

Repeat instructions between * *

At the end of this round : skip last 2 DC, make 1 SC in (or just near) the 2nd slip stitch you made at the end of previous round. (the exact setting of this SC is not very important, if it is too difficult to insert the hook in the slip stitch it’s ok, just make the SC under 2 strands near it)

To begin this round : turn your work and make 2 DC in the SC from previous row
Skip 2 DC, work in next SC all around
This is the end of round : SC in or near the 2nd slip stitch you made at the end of previous round


Repeat round 4.

At the end of round 6, you will skip the last 2 stitches and make a SC in the base of the beginning chain of the round, then make two slip stitch to climb the chain 3.


Repeat round 5, but change the very last stitch : the last SC from round 4 will now be a slip stitch.

At this point, repeat rounds 6 and 7 to make the band wider. 


chain 1.

HDC all around, making sure you have the right side facing you, this is important. Slip stitch in first HDC (52 HDC).


Chain 1. SC in the third loop of every HDC from previous round. Slip stitch to join.

ROUND 10 :

chain 1.

SC in every stitch around. Slip stitch to join.

Cut, fasten off.

Weave in the ends. NOTE : with the yarn tail from the beginning, sew the messy gap left in the foundation chain, secure with a knot on the wrong side and weave end in. That’s how I do it anyways 🙂

You’re done !

You may add decorative buttons if you want. Personally I like this earwarmer just as it is.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you like the finished item.

Please make as much as you want, and share your pictures on the Ravelry listing. You may sell them. You are not allowed to reuse my picture or repost my tutorial anywhere. Please provide a link back in your listings.

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