The « Powerful and Feminine » crochet stole / wrap for winter #free #pattern

Supplies :

Light #3 yarn (Sport or DK) : between 300 and 400 grams

6 mm / US J hook

Yarn needle, scissors



Size :

The size of the garment will vary according to your yarn and hook combination. The wrap on the pictures is (AFTER blocking)

  • Width:
  • Length:

Wet-blocking is strongly recommended for this project. It is very easy : let the finished item soak 5-10 minutes in tepid water mixed with a little bit of soft shampoo, rince in a second bath in clear water. Gently press the excess of water from the garment, put it between 2 clean towels and gently press to absord water. Lay flat on a clean surface, give it a nice rectangular shape (pin on a mat if necessary, personally I don’t) and let dry as long as necessary. 

This stole is crocheted in the width (shorter rows), thus you can choose the exact lenght you want.

The pattern is a 16 rows repeat. One full repeat is 9″ long (before blocking).

Want to learn about the idea behind this pattern? ==> Skip to read about the technical aspects.

This pattern was inspired by a wonderful woman. A badass, loving person, great mom, full of tolerance, strong and feminine, assertive but sensitive, and so many great things.

And I asked myself, what would such a person enjoy crocheting? I let my imagination run, in no way I can pretend this is what she would actually like 😀

Technical aspects: 

This wrap is not about perfection. It’s about setting one’s own rules. That’s why more than often, I recommend you insert your hook between the post of the stitches instead of on top of them : it’s quicker and requires no frowning under a powerful table light 😀 If you wait until your loved ones are asleep to enjoy your crocheting time, you definitely know what I mean !

This is an intermediate level project. I wanted it stimulating enough, but hassle free. It grows quickly thanks to tall rows. It is adorable, it will compliment many outfits whatever your style of the day is. I hope you’ll find it fun and nice, as I wanted it to be.

There is no annoying counting sessions, yay 😀 (apart from the beginning 50 chains)

Special stitches :

X stitch:

Note: my X stitch is not the same as the most usual one. 

Skip 2. Treble crochet in next stitch. Chain 1. Treble crochet in first of the two skipped stitches, going behind the first treble.

Flame stitch :

* Yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, pull up a loop * 3 times,

Yarn over, pull through 4 loops, yarn over, pull through 4 loops.

Inserting stitches between posts : to keep a correct stitch count (keep in mind that beginning chains do count as your first stitch), you have 2 options:

either inserting first stitch between the chain space and the first post, in which case the last stitch of the row will also take place between the last post and the chain.

OR inserting first stitch between the first two posts, in which case you will make the before-last stitch in the space between the last post and the chain, and the last stitch in the top chain.


This pattern follows US crochet terms and abbreviations. 

Start :

CH 50 (or any multiple of 3 + 2)

ROW 1 :

CH 1

Starting in 3rd CH : HDC all along.

ROW 2 :

CH 4 (counts as a TR)

TR all along, inserting hook between the post of the previous row’s stitches (see the « special stitches » paragraph). 

(50 TR)

ROW 3 :

CH 2, HDC all along

(50 HDC)

ROW 4 : 

CH 4, X stitch all along, end with a TR in the top of CH 2.

ROW 5 : 

CH 2

3 HDC in each CH1 from previous row. (that is to say, insert 3 stitch between the bars of the X stitch)

1 HDC in the top chain

ROW 6 : 

CH 2

SK 1

3 HDC in the next stitch

* Skip 2, 3 HDC in next stitch * repeat all along

1 HDC in the top chain

ROW 7 : 

CH 4

SK 1

1 flame stitch in next stitch.

* Skip 2. CH 2. 1 flame stitch in next * repeat all along.

One treble crochet in top chain.

ROW 8 : 

CH 2

3 HDC on top of each flame stitch.

1 HDC in last chain

ROW 9 : 

CH 3

DC all along, inserting hook BETWEEN the posts of each HDC from previous row.

ROWS 10 to 15 : 

Repeat rows 4 to 9.

ROW 16 : 

CH 4

* CH 1, SK 1, 1 TR in next stitch *

End with another TR in the top chain. (you find yourself with 2 trebles beside one another, it’s allright, nothing to do about it, it won’t be noticeable).

Following rows : 

Repeat rows 1 to 16, 6 or 7 times depending on the lenght you want.

NB : when you will repeat row 1 for the first time, you will : CH2, HDC in next TR, HDC in chain Space, etc, ending with an HDC in the 4th chain. (50 HDC including CH2)

LAST ROW : Repeat row 1, one last time.

Be aware that the wrap will stretch with the blocking process, it will end up nicely with straight edges, and a little bit bigger.


Other possible uses of this pattern:

I think it’s best to work with the recommend 5 stitches wide, with a sport weigh yarn. If you decide to work with a bigger yarn, you should definitely substract stitches.

You could turn this wrap into a an infinity scarf.

You can also make a blanket with it, like for you couch, or to wear on your laps, with a DK or aran yarn.

Thank you !

I hope you enjoyed this pattern !

Terms of use : Please make for your personnal use or selling purposes. I’d be glad to hear about your wraps, please send pictures here or on the Ravelry page. Link back here when possible in your online listings.

Don’t copy any part of this patter or pictures anywhere, it’s not allowed.

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