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>>> Cliquez ici pour la version française <<<

A rainbow on the window is a worldwide symbol of hope. I originally wrote this pattern because I could not find a free rainbow pattern in French on Ravelry. I offer you the US English version, in case some people are also interested in it, but there are already lots of good English patterns.


Rainbow color yarn : purple, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.

If you don’t have all the colors it’s OK : the important thing is the symbol, whatever liberty you take with the colors. Add pink, or neon green, or make a pastel rainbow, or a 5 or 6 color rainbow…

Pick any yarn type : I mixed cotton and acrylic from 3 different brands to make mine. The important thing is yarn weight : try to pick yarns that work with the same hook. If one yarn is too thin, double it.

My rainbow was made with a 3.5 mm hook (US 4 / E). It is 18 cm wide (7 in.) and 8 cm tall (3 3/4 in.)


Chains (CH), slip stitches, double crochet (DC), change color.

« 1 INC » means « one increase » : make 2 double crochet in the same stitch.

Use any color change method you like.


The ‘chain 3’ at the beginning of each row DOES NOT COUNT as a double crochet. You will not make DC in them when reaching the end of a row. 

Row 1 :

With purple. Chain 9. In the 4th chain from the hook, make 2 DC. Make also 2 DC in each of the remaning 5 chains. Insert indigo yarn when doing the last yarn over.  Total = 12 DC.

Row 2 :

With indigo blue : Chain 3. Turn. Make * 1 INC, 1 DC * 3 times, then * 1 DC, 1 INC * 3 times. Insert blue yarn in last yarn over.Total = 18 DC.

Make the first increase at the base of your chain 3, in the first purple DC.
I recommend counting the number of DC before changing color.

Row 3 :

With blue : Chain 3. Turn. Make * 1 INC, 2 DC *  3 times, then * 2 DC, 1 INC * 3 times. Insert green yarn in last yarn over. Total = 24 DC.

Row 4 :

With green : Chain 3. Turn. Make * 1 INC, 3 DC * 3 times, then * 3 DC, 1 INC * 3 times. Insert yellow yarn in last yarn over. Total = 30 DC.

Row 5 :

With yellow : Chain 3. Turn. Make * 1 INC, 4 DC * 3 times, then * 4 DC, 1 INC * 3 times. Insert orange yarn in last yarn over. Total = 36 DC.

Row 6 :

With orange : Chain 3. Turn. Make * 1 INC, 5 DC * 3 times, then * 5 DC, 1 INC * 3 times. Insert red yarn in last yarn over. Total = 42 DC.

Row 7 :

With red : Chain 3. Turn. Make * 1 INC, 6 DC * 3 times, then * 6 DC, 1 INC * 3 times. Don’t cut red yarn. Total = 48 DC.

Row 8 :

With red : chain 1, turn. In each of the 48 DC, make one slip stitch. (Total = 48 slip stitches)

Make the first slip stitch in the first red DC.

Fasten off. Weave in all the yarn ends.

Rainbow is finished ! I ironed it to make it flat and nice.


I’m currently living in isolation on a small amount of yarn, so I didn’t make any pompoms or fringes.

You can attach small pompoms under each color, or put fringes… or attach pearls…

Some people crochet small white clouds.

You can sew it on a metal ring, or glue it on a blue paper…

Some people also make 2 identical rainbows and insert cardboard inside before sewing both together, to make it strong.

I took a thin piece of wood and made single crochet with a thick white acrylic yarn. Then I sew the rainbow on it with thin cotton thread.

Other uses for the rainbow:

I think it would make a great appliqué sewed on a child t-shirt. And also a great decorative pillow.

Please show me pictures of your rainbow 🙂 I’d be happy to see your work. Contact me for any support on this tutorial.

Terms of use: this pattern is totally free for any use. In exchange please link back here and don’t attribute yourself any text or pictures from this page. 

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