Hello and welcome to my crochet blog! To me crochet is more than a hobby, it’s my happy place  where I spend a few hours a day ❤

I publish some free patterns and sometimes also share finished objects.

I’ve been crocheting for 7 years. Before that I wasn’t even aware that crochet existed. For real. it’s a craft that is not very well known in France, and way less appreciated than knit.

I learned by myself, with books and videos.

I would love to see your work, please share your projects here or in my Ravelry’s space.

About my patterns : 

I like to design stimulating, but not overwhelming patterns ! 😀 I like projects that grow quite fast and are hassle-free, and take 2 to 7 days max. I don’t make true beginner tutorials, since the Internet is already full of great ressources. My patterns are mostly « intermediate » level, meaning you know the basics.

My take on crochet patterns : 

Hand making crochet clothes or accessories makes sense if the item is custom-fit. I don’t care about imitating the ready-to-wear industry and using the same sizing charts, since they don’t actually fit most people. Did you notice that there is almost always something wrong in the shape of the clothes you buy? I don’t want this anymore. My patterns ask for some autonomy on your part : measuring yourself or the recipient, adjusting, deciding precisely what you want for yourself, and I’ll be guiding you in the process.



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